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1863 / Victorian Hairstyle

It can be so difficult to find sketches of Victorian hairstyles; here are some I found on Pinterest.

1863, from Godey's

Neo Victorian 


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I'm finally going to DRAGON*CON!

I bought my membership badge and reserved a room at the Hilton for Dragon*Con 2013. I'll get to Atlanta on Aug 28 and stay til Sep 3 so I have plenty of time to explore the city beforehand and iron out the wrinkles in my crinoline. 

Now I can start working on costumes. My list of ideas is three pages long... 


Gothic 1980s Vampire Barbie

If Barbie became a vampire and attended a 1980s prom, she would wear this dress. It was made to order for a client of mine, who designed it herself and commissioned me to do the sewing.
Vampire Barbie Prom Queen
Construction DetailsCollapse )This gown isn't really my style but I would certainly sew it again if someone else wanted one. Once I figured out the trick of interfacing the bow, it was really quite simple and not a troublesome gown at all in terms of construction.

Silver and Black Tudor Gown

My silver and black tudor gown still needs a hairpiece... and proper underpinnings! Simplicity 2621 is the pattern I have on hand for this (now if I can just get TIME to do it). 

Starting work on a new project this weekend. This is another commission, so it will be done according to my client's specifications. It's a black 1980s style evening gown with a white sash and back bow. This is my concept sketch:

1980s Wedding Gown Fergie Doll

Yesterday while I was procrastinating browsing the internet for more photos of Fergie's wedding gown (for my 1980s costume project), I came across a crochet pattern for the same dress! I don't crochet but this is really amusing. I'm half tempted to buy it even though I don't crochet.

I have a costume customer who commissioned a 1980s Wedding Gown similar to the one worn by Sarah Ferguson (Fergie), Duchess of York. I'm about half done with it, and I wanted to post a couple of photos here to share the immenseness that is the train for this costume (though it's not even half as long as the one on Fergie's real gown). Read more...Collapse )

I'm finally getting everything posted on my costume website! Last Sunday we took a bunch of costume photos including pictures of a 1970s style dress that I made from a vintage pattern.

Read more...Collapse )

There are more photos on the 1970s costume page of my website.

Victorian Corset, Civil War Costumes

I have finally made a corset I was happy with! It "only" took me five tries... *sigh*

I also finished my Civil War Costume, and Scott's Union army uniform.

There are tons of photos on my website:

Civil War Southern Belle Costume

Union Army Uniform

Victorian / Civil War Corset Dress Diary

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