Gothic 1980s Vampire Barbie

If Barbie became a vampire and attended a 1980s prom, she would wear this dress. It was made to order for a client of mine, who designed it herself and commissioned me to do the sewing.
Vampire Barbie Prom Queen
Collapse )This gown isn't really my style but I would certainly sew it again if someone else wanted one. Once I figured out the trick of interfacing the bow, it was really quite simple and not a troublesome gown at all in terms of construction.

1980s Wedding Gown, Vintage Pattern (Butterick 4743)

I have a costume customer who commissioned a 1980s Wedding Gown similar to the one worn by Sarah Ferguson (Fergie), Duchess of York. I'm about half done with it, and I wanted to post a couple of photos here to share the immenseness that is the train for this costume (though it's not even half as long as the one on Fergie's real gown). Collapse )