Heidi (heidilange) wrote,

Gothic 1980s Vampire Barbie

If Barbie became a vampire and attended a 1980s prom, she would wear this dress. It was made to order for a client of mine, who designed it herself and commissioned me to do the sewing.
Vampire Barbie Prom Queen

Fabric & Notions: This gown used 12 yards of black satin, 3 yards of white satin, 3 yards of interfacing, plus thread and a 22" zipper.

Bodice: I based this bodice on the pattern that I had previously modified for this client, Butterick 4743 (the Fergie dress). Since I'm in Florida and she lives in Seattle, WA it seemed wise to use a bodice pattern I knew fit her already. I did modify the waist, since she wanted a straight waist instead of the V waist.

Skirt: The skirt was really simple - I just used what seemed like hundreds of yards of satin (it was actually about 9 yards). At my client's request I made the lining out of the same satin as the gown.

Sash and Back Bow: The sash is sewn directly into the zipper seam in the back, and is only for show (it doesn't tie shut). The bow caused me the largest amount of trouble; due to its size it was difficult to get it to be "perky" enough (it was very sad and floppy looking at first). I made it and ripped it out three times before I finally decided to line the bow COMPLETELY with iron-in interfacing, and that gave the satin a stiffness that lets it "fluff" like a good bow ought to. It did, however, use up three yards of interfacing!

This gown isn't really my style but I would certainly sew it again if someone else wanted one. Once I figured out the trick of interfacing the bow, it was really quite simple and not a troublesome gown at all in terms of construction.
Tags: 1980s, barbie, princess, prom queen, vampire

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