Simplicity 2589: Tudor Gown in Earth Tones (Part 3)

I finished the Tudor gown I've been working on yesterday. This was my second Tudor gown; I don't know a lot about this particular time period, but the pattern (Simplicity 2589) was pretty straightforward.

The hem and trim will be done by the lady who ordered it, so it looks a little bare in these photos, but I'll post photos of her wearing the gown once I have them. (Also, since I don't have the correct underpinnings, I used more modern undergarments on my dress form, just to give the dress some shape, but this is NOT the historically accurate silouette for this outfit.)

My website has more photos of this Tudor Gown as well as a Tudor Gown Dress Diary

tudor gown

Simplicity 2589: Tudor Gown in Earth Tones (Part 1)

This gown was commissioned by a lady who plans to wear it to a Ren Faire this summer. It consists of a kirtle (underskirt), gown, and undersleeves which tie into the gown. I am not making the veil/headpiece, or doing any of the trimming, because the lady who commissioned it wants to do all the trimming herself.

I'll be keeping a dress diary on my website.

I did my concept sketch in colored pencils.

Simplicity 2589

New Website Up & Running

I finally got around to updating my website! With as much traffic as it's been getting, I felt like I should bump it up on the to-do list. It's much better organized now with all the photos where they belong.

Time Travel Costumes

If you see any typos, please drop me an email. I think I got them all, but you never know!

Many thanks to my web designer Roshan for building it practically overnight and helping me with the editing process. :-) 

My wedding dress, Part 2 (40 days to go)

My dress is all done except for the hemming! (Excuse the lousy photos. I promise that I will post good ones after we get our wedding portraits taken.)


I spent a lot of time figuring out how to add lacing and a modesty panel (instead of the zipper the pattern called for). I got some very helpful suggestions from the advanced sewing community at livejournal, but I ultimately ended up using a pretty modern method for the lacing. I went to a bridal shop on Saturday (I'm the MOH for a wedding next July) and while I was there I spent some time looking at the interior construction of the gowns they had for sale, that had lacing. It turns out that it's quite easy to do! I didn't have my camera with me when I did this to my gown, so I'll make sure to add another post at some point describing how I did it. (The secret I discovered at the bridal shop? Two channels of boning in the modesty panel. Ah-ha!)

I'm not totally sold on the use of the ribbon to lace up the gown. It was just something I had lying around, that I used to make sure I'd done things correctly. I bought a more "rope-like" lacing yesterday at Joann's. However, my fiance really likes the way the ribbon looks, so I'm on the fence about what to do. Luckily, this is an easy thing to change at the last minute (well, easy for me, not so much for whichever poor family member ends up having to lace my gown on the day of the wedding).

Also, I found my something blue. Check out these flats from rocket-dog (heels were out of the question because we'll be standing on the grass). The fabric is kind of similar to the chantung silk of my gown.